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Using a Template Variable of input type "check box" with snippets you may need to know:

  • the returned value of "modx->getTemplateVar()" is either null or the value set by the "input option values"-field in the TV definition
  • you can also ask for the value as true / false, where the returned value is true when the checkbox is checked regardless which content has been defined for that case by the "input option values"-field in the TV definition:
  1. if ($modx->getTemplateVar($id,'var')) { [code_for_box_checked]; } else { [code_for_box_unchecked]; }
  • if you don't assign a default value in the TV definition, then the default value is null
  • if you do assign a default value, then you can't uncheck the box (!). Because with check-box-TVs MODx doesn't distinguish between 'null' and 'false', every time you open a resource to edit the default value is assigned => the box gets checked.

So if you want a snippet to react in a certain way if a resources has a certain property defined by a check-box-TV, and you want this behaviour to be the default (you don't want to edit more resources than necessary), then you have to design it the other way round: define a TV that covers the information that the resource has not that certain property:

  1. if ( ! $modx->getTemplateVar($id,'myPropertyNOT')) { [code-for-action-if-property] }

Tested with MODx 1.0.4 / Martin.lindenlauf 16:31, 28 September 2010 (PDT)

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